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Odell Beckham Jr. on Vikings’ Justin Jefferson: ‘I Told him I’ll be Coming for That $600 That he Might owe me’

Odell Beckham Jr. poked fun at a past incident with former LSU Tiger’ Justin Jefferson.

Odell Beckham Jr. and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver have had a couple of the best rookie seasons this league has ever seen. They both attended LSU, which makes it even more interesting.

LSU football won the national title game during the 2019 seasons and Beckham Jr. was there to celebrate, even in the locker room. During that time Beckham Jr. was faulted for handing out cash to players, a big no-no at the time. It immediately caught eyes and was all over the place.

LSU wasn’t happy with it and neither was the NCAA, who is not ever happy with much. Since then players have became able to profit off their name, image and likeness - a good thing.

Beckham Jr. and Jefferson will matchup for the first time on Sunday and 13 did not shy away from what happened a couple of years ago to reporters.

“I talked to him yesterday. I told him I’ll be coming for that $600 that he might owe me, plus interest, from the championship game,” Beckham said. “The only reason I’m making the trip is to get the $400-$600 from him”.

Beckham Jr. made it all a joke and had a smile on his face. Jefferson obviously has the money now, being the reason for the joke. You can tell 13 is glad to be back and is very excited for matchups against players that have a connection with him. Beckham Jr. is very high on Jefferson and what he brings.

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“Just to watch him and how much he’s evolved, what he’s doing, what he did in college, what he’s done in the league, what he is going to continue to do, I love to see it”.

Beckham Jr. went on to wish Jefferson a very long career, with nothing but good things.

“I wish him the longest, happiest career that he could possibly have.”

The second-year player Jefferson is off to a nice start with 254 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Jefferson went for 118 yards just last week against the Seattle Seahawks.

The NCAA may not like it, but it’s a good thing that Beckham Jr. can look at a past move that was not so good to make and turn it into a friendly joke. Surely Beckham Jr. will be ecstatic Sunday and hope to get the best of Jefferson’s Vikings. 

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