Browns Anniversary Jerseys Leaked?

NFL teams are always unveiling new looks to move product and fans may have stumbled onto uniforms the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers plan to wear this year.
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In a tradition unlike any other, fans have gone searching for new jerseys which my have located some throwbacks for the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers that could make an appearance in 2021.

If these are real, the 49ers will be bringing back the uniforms they had in 1994 when they last won the Super Bowl when they scored at will against the plucky but not overly talented Chargers, then calling San Diego home.

The Browns jerseys are reaching further back into their history. Still relatively simple, these opt for an orange background on brown numbers at least on the white jerseys, giving them a little more depth.

There's nothing wrong with them per se, but they seem more suited for selling to fans than they are wearing as a team, considering the Browns have struggled to get the right look on their uniforms for years.

The combination of their color rush jerseys as well as a sleeker take on the jerseys they used in the 80's has given the Browns a pretty stellar lineup for any given game.

These aren't quite as clean as the away jerseys they unveiled last year with the simpler brown digits, but they aren't bad either. So long as the don't throw back to the uniforms they had the last several years or play like they did much of the past two decades, fans will likely be pretty happy with the product, regardless of what they wear.

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