Cleveland Browns Draft Position Set After Yesterday’s Loss

Cleveland Browns lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in a heartbreaker in which they battled. The 2021 Draft is set to be in Cleveland and the Browns now know their spot in it.
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In April the NFL will welcome a new class of players to the league and are scheduled to do so in Cleveland. As long as protocols and such do not waiver the draft location, the 2021 NFL Draft will take place in Northeast Ohio. The Browns losing today solidified where they would be placed in the upcoming draft.

Cleveland holds the 26th overall pick in the upcoming draft. A high number draft pick that just about no one has seen Cleveland pick at, unless it was a trade involved pick. The Browns will likely grab a player on the defensive side of the ball and is still in position to find a game changer at that spot. No telling what happened between now and then, but a defensive back or defensive end could make sense depending on free agency.

The Browns will hold a pick later in the first round than the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite the same record as the Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland’s easier strength of schedule gets them a pick two selections higher than the Ravens. Looking back on years past it would have been crazy to think the Browns had a better season than the Steelers and equal to the Ravens.

A late pick in the draft means you are a good team that is winning games, that is a chance for Cleveland. There are gems to be found within this coming draft and the Browns will get their first crack at 26th. The team holds extra third and fourth round picks from trades as well.