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Cleveland Browns did not perform to their capabilities during the 2021 season and there is plenty of blame to go around. For the Browns a lot of that blame has seemed to turn toward Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield, whether it should or not. Even going as far as reports getting out that the two just could not co-exist.

Kevin Stefanski did an interview with 92.3 fan on the radio and talked a bit about where he and Mayfield stand.

“I respect him. He respects me,” explained Stefanski. “He understands how we operate. I do think that we push each other and there’s definitely a level of respect there.”

Stefanski makes it a point that the two have no problem working with each other and even push each other to become better at what they do for this organization

“He's going to get surgery, which is huge for him, and he can start the rehab process here and get ready to jump back into it,” Stefanski said.

That sounds a lot like a coach that is eager to get Mayfield back and is ready to hash out the passing game issues from 2021. Stefanski doesn’t shy away that this team has work to do and that fans even had a right to not be happy with this season and how it went.

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“You should have an opinion, you should have criticism when we don’t come through. And just the same when they celebrate the victories, that’s part of fandom.”

Stefanski went on to explain how important the fans are to this team and how they operate.

“That’s important to us, that’s important to our organization, that’s important to our game. Without our fans we don’t have a game.”

Cleveland is heading into their offseason and have some work to do if they want to make fans happier in 2022. But, the first step is getting their injured quarterback surgery and accepting what 2021 was. They seem to have done that.

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