Cleveland Browns’ Who Made PFF’s All-Pro Team Thus Far

A look at the players from the Cleveland Browns who have made the all pro team thus far launched by Pro Football Focus
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The season is three fourths of the way through in 2020. There is a good idea of who has playoff aspirations and who the best players have been this season. Pro Football Focus put out a list of players who would be all-pro if the season ended now. PFF put out two teams that included four members of the Cleveland Browns.

First Team

Joel Bitonio is PFF’s first team left guard, with Ali Marpet coming right behind him. A lot of times if you don’t hear about an offensive line during the game, it’s because he is doing work. Many times you will hear their name when they give up a sack or just flat out aren’t playing well. Bitonio is playing some of his best football and has been consistent at that. With a PFF grade over 84, Bitonio is actually at his best mark in his career according to Pro Football Focus. Sighted for his improved run blocking game, Bitonio is the first of multiple linemen on this list.

Jack Conklin was the prized offseason signing for the Cleveland Browns. Leaving the Tennessee Titans, who he will play this week has done him some good. Conklin has allowed just one sack this season. Working with an 82 grade on PFF, Conklin is playing his best football at a very important time for the Browns. Conklin has battled some injury, still having his best season to date according to PFF’s data. Another part of potentially the league’s best unit in the trenches.

Second Team

Wyatt Teller is blooming right in front of their eyes. Teller has always had the talent, he’s just had to put it together. Their may not be a better pulling guard in the league, Teller still has work to do in the pass game. Teller has the best grade for a right guard at 93.9. Zack Martin is ahead of him, but that won’t last with the time that Martin is going to miss. In fact, according to PFF - Martin was only ahead to due to the games that Teller missed. Teller has helped transform the Browns offensive line and will be due for a payday before long. May very well end up all-pro.

Myles Garrett has 10 sacks on the season and hasn’t played in the last two games, still remains tied for the most in the league. Garrett will end the season with at least 15 sacks if he can remain on the field, which he will be back against the Titans this week. An 86.6 grade has Garrett as a second team member behind Khalil Mack and his 91.6 grade. Mack has three less sacks and two less forced fumbles. Garrett will undoubtedly be all-pro as long as he finishes the season strong, every sign points to him doing just that. If it was not for the games that Garrett missed due to Covid-19, he may have been the front runner for DPOY. He still has to be in that talk for how much he has changed games, by himself.

Cleveland will likely have a couple players all-pro at the end of the year and as it shows, it will come in the trenches. Cleveland is very good in the trenches on both sides when healthy, the last few games will give them a chance to show just how good they are.