D’Qwell Jackson And Bill Nelsen To Be Honored As 2021 Browns Legends

The Cleveland Browns will honor a pair of players during the 2021 season that have had an impact on the franchise.
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The Cleveland Browns will be adding two players to their 2021 Legends Class. D’Qwell Jackson and Bill Nelsen will be honored week three when the team hosts the Chicago Bears. Joining these two honorees will be Josh Cribbs and Webster Slaughter, these two were unable to be honored properly during the 2020 season for obvious reasons surrounding the pandemic.

"We are always honored to recognize Browns alumni who mean so much to our organization and fans. It is even more special this year as we have the opportunity to do it throughout our 75th anniversary season," said owners Dee and Jimmy Haslam.

"After not being able to host the event in 2020, we greatly look forward to 2021 Alumni Weekend, when we will induct four deserving men: D'Qwell Jackson, Bill Nelsen, Webster Slaughter and Josh Cribbs into our Legends program as we celebrate them and all of our alumni's achievements and commitment to the Browns."

D’Qwell Jackson spent eight seasons with Cleveland (2006-2013) and missed one year due to injury. In that time Jackson was a tackling machine with 826 tackles and recorded 11.5 sacks. The linebacker would go on to spend three years with the Indianapolis Colts to finish out his career.

"Even during my time in Indy, I would say the best fans in the league are with the Cleveland Browns,” Jackson said.

While in Cleveland, Jackson was liked amongst the fans. A good player through some bad years could be a good reason. There were quite a few of those that deserved some winning years, that just did not get them  

Nelsen is one that many Browns fans may not remember. Joining the team in 1968 after five years spent with the Steelers, Nelsen was the Browns quarterback for four full seasons and part of a fifth. Nelsen had 9,584 yards and 71 touchdowns in 50 starts with Cleveland. Nelsen passed away in 2019 at the age of 78 in Orlando, Florida.

Cleveland’s legends program are players who had a large impact on the team for five or more years. These players certainly did just that and will be rightfully honored. 

Quotes from Browns official website