Centennial Hall of Fame Announcements And a Coaching Interviewing With Another Team

Pete Smith

The Cleveland Browns didn't make much news Wednesday at least as for as it concerns the actual team, but a number of newsworthy things happened with people that used to be part of the team and one coach interviewing elsewhere. As part of the 100th season of the NFL, a Centennial Committee was formed to select a massive class for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. That class had two noteworthy selections that were publicized today.

First, Mac Speedie is going to be inducted this year as part of this class. Speedie played end, would now be called a wide receiver, for the Browns as part of the AAFC and came in when the team was founded in 1946. Already 26 years old, he played seven seasons. all with the Browns and put up some impressive statistics as part of a team that dominated every year. Speedie had a pair of thousand yard seasons in an era where that was rare, catching passes from Otto Graham.

Unfortunately for Speedy, he will be inducted posthumously as he passed away in 1993 at the age of 73 years old.

More relevant to more recent generations of Browns fans was the fact Art Modell was not selected to go into the Hall of Fame in what felt like his last best hope to be inducted. Between the fact he died in 2012 and noteworthy things he did as the owner of the Browns, there are some that believe he should go in more as a nod to the history of the league than anything else. Modell was one of owners willing to move his team from the NFL to the AFL, thereby ensuring the merger would happen, becoming a part of the newly minted American Football Conference. Modell also was willing to have the Browns appear on the first Monday Night Football broadcast along with the New York Jets.

Jim Nantz provides an excellent summation as to why Modell shouldn't ever get into the Hall of Fame. 

Cleveland Browns wide receiver coach Adam Henry interviewed for the same position with the Dallas Cowboys. New head coach Kevin Stefanski is still figuring out what he will do in filling out the coaching staff, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see Henry leave.

Henry had a relationship with both Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry which dates back to their time at LSU. It was believed that he would be an asset because of that relationship. Perhaps not his fault at all, but the appearance of impropriety last season with the issues between Beckham and Landry with then head coach Freddie Kitchens didn't make Henry look good in terms of their respect for the staff. And that could make it best for both sides to move in a new direction.