J.C. Tretter talks offensive line coach James Campen, his role in the transition

Cleveland Browns center J.C. Tretter was asked a good question about being the link between the offensive line room and new offensive line coach James Campen and his role in helping speed up the process of the two sides meshing.
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In his first media availability for training camp, J.C. Tretter covered a variety of topics, being asked about everything to the right guard situation to the defense to his contract. One of the most insightful questions he was asked was about how he was the link between offensive line coach James Campen and the offensive line room.

Beyond the fact he casually dropped Rosetta Stone in regards to his role, Tretter gave a great explanation on what he's doing to help the rest of the group understand Campen's terminology and what he wants from them. He also touched on the assistant offensive line coach, whom he has no familiarity with.

He was then asked essentially if he'd seen any immediate results and improvement among his teammates. While his immediate answer was no, noting how early it was in the process and training camp, he gave some insight into what Campen is trying to focus on with this group. In particular, it's a lot of fundamentals and working on developing good habits, which he then believes with translate into improvement that people can see.