Jarvis Landry discussing dynamic with Odell Beckham

In his first media availability of training camp, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry discussed his excitement to have Odell Beckham on the team and what they do for each other, the rest of the team.
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“To a whole other level. Obviously, with the respect and the level of competition we have between each other is going to allow us to grow more, especially on the field.”

“No, I want to win. I think this organization is doing everything their grasp to make sure that happens. I am just happy to be a part of it, whether people say I started it or not. It is not about that to me. It is about everybody inside this building is doing what is right by the organization to make sure we can win a championship.”

Not surprisingly, a popular topic with Cleveland Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry was Odell Beckham. First and foremost, Landry discussed how his primary focus is winning, not stats. And that Beckham's success and his other teammates success is his success, so long as the team is winning.

This echoes the sentiment Beckham hit on time and time again in his first media availability as a Cleveland Brown. So many are concerned that the two are worried about their numbers and how many balls are on the field, but to this point, they are in lock step about their definition of success. It's about wins and championships.

Landry also discussed some of the small things he and Beckham are trying to do to drive their teammates and make sure they are doing everything they can to lead them.