Browns Release LB Adarius Taylor

Pete Smith

As reported by Mary Kay Cabot of, the Cleveland Browns are releasing linebacker and special teams player Adarius Taylor. Taylor was signed last season after four seasons with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to help the Browns on special teams and provide depth at linebacker.

Taylor was a was a reasonably solid special teams player as part of a coverage unit, particularly on kickoffs that was effective, though it wasn't reflected by Taylor's stats. In 15 games and 372 total snaps (60 on defense, 312 on special teams), Taylor recorded one solo tackle. Taylor also struggled mightily when it came to contributing on defense.

A combination of inexperience and injuries plagued the Browns linebackers last year, which were ineffective as a group, save for Joe Schobert. That may explain the move as much as anything else. Not only do the Browns have to make a decision on Schobert, who is a pending free agent, two of their linebackers are draft picks from last year preparing for their second year in the league. 

The other factor that hurts Taylor relative to the rest of the position group is his age. At 29 years old, Taylor the oldest player in the room by a wide margin and he wasn't likely to get any better in another year with the Browns. It wouldn't be remotely surprising if other moves are coming with the linebacker room as they need to find a way to get better play from that unit, whether it's adding more talent or developing the players they have.

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Tiffin Buck
Tiffin Buck

@Two green browns I’m scared of what it will look like if Joe doesn’t resign,

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Two green browns
Two green browns

Going to be really interesting to see the composition of this room.