Browns’ Jadeveon Clowney On Playing Opposite Of Myles Garrett: ‘I Think We’re Going To Be Dangerous’

Jadeveon Clowney met with media Wednesday and talked about his health as well as pairing with a star like Myles Garrett
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Jadeveon Clowney was a prized signing for the Cleveland Browns because they were after him for so long. There are not eye popping numbers when you look at Clowney’s stats, so some may not agree. Though, just potential that seems to be untapped meant a lot to the Browns. Much of that starts with health, something he has struggled with over his career.

So far during training camp Clowney has been raved about. Whoever is lined up across from him at right tackle is getting beat often and that includes All-Pro Jack Conklin. Clowney met with the media Wednesday. 

“He pushes me every day and I go out and try to give it to him every day,” Clowney said.

Clowney believes he is off to a good start in camp due to his health, he finally feels 100% healthy.

“I think when you’re healthy, you’re having fun. I’ve dealt with a lot of injuries and that’s not fun.”

With a player like Clowney healthy, the defense will reap the benefits. He won’t face a ton of double teams since Myles Garrett is opposite of him. This is good news for Clowney who could put together a very strong year. It helps that he is playing with the best defensive end in football on the opposite side. A big year would be good for a much nicer contract in the future for Clowney.

"I think we're going to be dangerous,” Clowney said of pairing with Garrett.

“So good luck for the tackles out there stopping that dude (Garrett) this year. I’m just happy to be on his team and playing beside him because I think it’s going to help me out this year.”

It is a trickle down effect, Garrett has not played with a pass rusher as skilled as Clowney either. Clowney seems to fit right in chemistry wise as well, which is rather important.

“I’m young. I feel great. I’m like a big kid.”

It’s fair to say that Clowney sounds ecstatic to be playing in Cleveland and is glad he signed with the Browns. Referencing himself as a ‘big kid’ just further proves the point. In just about a month we all should see Clowney recording his first sack as a member of the Cleveland Browns, or impacting the game in other ways as he often has over the course of his career.