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Deshaun Watson Gives Anthony Walker a Gift for Jersey No. 4

Deshaun Watson is wearing No. 4 with the Browns, but it took some time to come together. Watson gifted Anthony Walker for the number on Tuesday.

Deshaun Watson had been No. 4 since entering the league and that is going to continue. As you’ve seen throughout OTAs and jerseys online, Watson is indeed No. 4. That was made possible by Browns’ linebacker Anthony Walker Jr. who previously wore the jersey number.

Quarterbacks are the team leader normally, and Watson is already working on being just that for the Browns. On Wednesday, Walker was talking with the media as Watson handed him a suspected package. Watson told Walker that he appreciates him, and went on into the facility. This is likely the first time the players have had a chance to exchange the gift.

Putting the two things together, it is not hard to see that Watson was actually gifting Walker for the jersey number. The linebacker said he wasn’t going to open it, but it was surely a stack of cash, maybe some shiny jewelry.

Watson can easily do things like this with his contract that is fully guaranteed. The Cleveland quarterback will make $230 million over five years with the Browns.

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Walker is playing in Cleveland on a one-year deal again, which is worth $4 million guaranteed.

It has always been a thing where players will gift other players for numbers if they really want the said number. This is just another example of that, Walker had no problem with switching to No. 5.

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