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Drew Forbes Ruled Out of Falcons Game

In the last game of the preseason, Cleveland Browns guard Drew Forbes went down with a knee injury, causing the team to rule him out almost immediately.
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Cleveland Browns reserve guard Drew Forbes was ruled out of the game against the Atlanta Falcons after suffering a knee injury. He walked off the field under his own power after being checked by trainers, but after a quick stop in the medical tent, he went back to the locker room where he was immediately ruled out.

Unfortunately, that likely means that Forbes has torn something in his knee or at lesat the Browns think he did. Given the way they were checking his knee for stability, it was likely either his ACL or MCL.

Forbes was in a hearted battle among one of the more talented fields to earn a reserve spot with the Browns. Even if the Browns were to be forced to put Forbes on injured reserve, ruling him out for the season, they still have a difficult task of deciding who should earn their final roster spots.

Forbes opted out of last season over concerns due to COVID-19. He will still be under contract for two more years after this one as a result. Occasionally too high and out of control as a run blocker, Forbes was often dominant during the preseason in pass protection.

Colby Gossett stepped in to replace him at left guard.

The Browns were hoping to escape their preseason finale with the Falcons without any further injuries, but that dream died when Forbes went down.

Should Forbes be out for the season, it may help to guarantee that Blake Hance makes the final roster along with Michael Dunn, who was held out of this game due to a back injury.

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