Greedy Williams Cleared From Shoulder Injury

Per his Twitter account, Cleveland Browns corner Greedy Williams has announced he's been cleared from the shoulder injury that kept him out the entire 2020 season.
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Cleveland Browns corner Greedy Williams has announced via social media that he's been cleared from the nerve issue that he's been dealing with in his shoulder since before he was drafted.

This has to be a massive relief for Williams, who seemed genuinely tortured by his inability to play this year for a problem clouded in mystery. Initially, the Browns called the injury day to day in training camp last year which lasted for over a month before they finally put him on injured reserve.

Even the time on injured reserve didn't clear the air since teams had the ability to activate players after three weeks. Occasionally Williams would respond to comments on his Twitter account that were questioning why he couldn't play and he sounded defeated. Unfortunately, there were plenty of people speculating he was soft or unwilling to play when he was dealing with as serious issue that kept him out all season.

Williams tried to lobby the coaching staff to let him play at the end of the year in the playoffs, particularly when Denzel Ward was on the COVID-19 list. Now, three months later he's finally cleared.

Hopefully that means the issue is truly resolved, not just for his playing career, but for his life.

As for his future with the Browns, it's good news he's cleared now so he can focus entirely on getting ready for the 2021 season. Based on the two seasons he's had in the NFL, it would be extraordinarily brave for the Browns to pencil him as a starter for next season. He was mediocre as a rookie and didn't play his second year.

That doesn't mean the Browns should write him off either. Teams simply cannot have too many corners, so the Browns should continue to add corner help with the chance for Williams to compete for a role in the defense. He's still on a cheap deal for two more years, so there's value in having him.

If Williams can play great, that would be great news for the Browns. They can act accordingly. If he's average, he's still useful but not necessarily someone they'd want to start. 2020 showed just how valuable depth could be as the Browns were forced to start a backup gunner at corner in a playoff game.

Good news for the Browns and Williams, but it doesn't eliminate the fact they need to keep adding corner help. It just gives them one more option.

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