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Hearing For Deshaun Watson Suspension has Ended, What we Know

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson will know his fate for the 2022 season before long.

The hearing on the potential suspension for Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson has ended after three days. Appointed disciplinary officer Sue L. Robinson handled the case.

To this point, it has been made known that the NFL interviewed 12 alleged victims of Watson’s. In the case that the NFL presented to Robinson, there was no evidence of violence, threat, force, or coercion by Deshaun Watson, per a report. 

Another report from Pro Football Talk, it has it that the NFL knows the indefinite suspension is unprecedented, and not likely to happen. Also, the NFL admitted that its security director investigated the Robert Kraft situation and that no punishment was imposed on him. This could mean something from the standpoint that it could be unfair for the hammer to be dropped on Watson since it wasn’t on an NFL owner.

It could be multiple weeks until a suspension is handled, but both the NFL and NFLPA had their chance to fight for and against the suspension. Browns will soon know their franchise quarterback's fate. It was once thought that it would be a Friday news drop for the suspension today, but that is not the case.

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