Browns Rookie Jedrick Wills Chops Off His Hair

Cleveland Browns rookie offensive tackle Jedrick Wills posted a video to his Twitter account showing him in a barber chair before time elapses and he ends up with a much shorter haircut.
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Cleveland Browns first round pick Jedrick Wills played much of his career at Alabama with long hair, often braided. He released a video via Twitter that had time elapse in a barber chair from long hair to cutting it very short.

Wills hasn't said if there's a specific reason for the change, but he has a far cleaner look, likely reducing the temperature around his head. When the Browns eventually do take the field, he will probably need a smaller helmet.

Thus far in his career, Wills has been pretty public about what he's doing with himself. He previously showed off jewelry he brought for himself, which had some people criticize him and caution him about his spending. This likely should far less controversial a decision.

The tenth overall pick is expected to be the starting left tackle for the Browns this upcoming season and he will fit in with most of of the other linemen up front. J.C. Tretter and Joel Bitonio keep their hair very short for example. 

Offensive line coach Bill Callahan is pretty old school, will likely appreciate the shorter hair. Rookie hazing often involves messing with players' hair, so this might have been a preemptive move to help prevent some of that. It wouldn't take much work to grow it back to where he has it now.

The Browns are about six weeks from training camp as they continue with their virtual offseason. Along with Jack Conklin, signed in free agency, Wills is expected to have a major impact on the offense the Browns are installing to improve upon the line play last year and help Baker Mayfield have a great year and launch the Browns into the postseason.