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John Johnson III Challenges Teammates to Step Up Preparation

As the Cleveland Browns endure a three-game losing streak, safety John Johnson III publicly challenged teammates to step up their preparation and for leaders to do more to make sure everyone is ready for games.
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The Cleveland Browns defense has continually struggled this season and safety John Johnson III touched on something that has been apparent, but no one has put a voice to publicly.

While it's preferable not to have this come out in public, it can be an effective way to cause change. Missed assignments, poor communication and just miserable play all suggest a lack of being adequately prepared. While many are quick to blame coaching and coaching may warrant some blame, the responsibility of the player is paramount in making meaningful changes.

Maybe this gets the ball rolling. It has worked before.

Last year, veteran defensive tackle Malik Jackson publicly prodded teammates on defense that he believed weren't focused enough on being professionals. He didn't say they were bad players or teammates, but simply didn't know what it took to be great.

Defensive end Myles Garrett echoed those sentiments and challenged them. The defense was able to come out the proceeding week and have a great game. That side of the ball improved and finished out the season with momentum.

Players have been quick to say that coaching isn't the problem and it's players not executing. Perhaps more time dedicated to preparation will work to prove that point.

Sitting at 2-4 having squandered multiple opportunities to win games and preparing for back to back games against divisional opponents starting with a trip to Baltimore, this team has dug itself a sizable hole and if things don't change quickly, the season could be lost.

The defense was embarrassed by the Patriots and that could also get the ball rolling on making meaningful changes in terms of preparation.