Browns Kevin Stefanski: “All Offseason Long, We've Had a Plan and We're Ready to Pivot”


With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming, the Cleveland Browns players and staff seem to be doing okay, with no positive tests as of yet. Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski laminated that he is “comfortable being uncomfortable” during this situation.

With no positive tests the danger is certainly still there. Stefanski said his advice to his players is “priority is their safety and family”. Going further, if any player was to contract the sickness it could be easily transmitted to anyone close to them. This is the bad part about the coronavirus, it spreads easy and like a wildfire.

With all of the protocols that had to be followed, Browns players and staff had to go to a “virtual offseason”. Stefanski says he has been “impressed” with the way the team has adapted to these unfortunate circumstances. The team is making the most out of the situation, as they should. Their best friend has been the Zoom app, where multiple players and coaches can tune into for a single video call.

Cleveland had to make a plan due to the circumstances and if things change, the Browns will be ready, “All offseason long, we've had a plan and we're ready to pivot”. If the pandemic ends up derailing this season or changing how things are approached, again, the team will be ready to switch over to whatever that may be.

Seemingly enough, the Browns are staying in the middle during this whole ordeal. Not being to optimistic on things not change. Also, playing with the cards they have been dealt for the time being. The team in Northeast Ohio is making the best of things currently. 

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