Tweet Sent By Jarvis Landry Sparks Conversation

Jarvis Landry recently sent out a Tweet that has sparked conversation and worry amongst some Browns fans.
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Jarvis Landry is an interesting part of the Cleveland Browns football team. He is a good player with leadership qualities that are undeniable. The thing that sticks out most though is how much he is paid, compared to how much he produces.

Landry made over 14 million during the 2020 season and will once again do so in the 2021 season. Being paid as a very good number option, when you aren’t is tough for a team. Which is why the Browns will eventually have to make a decision on the future of Jarvis Landry.

This Tweet from number 80 has sparked some conversation. Potentially something is going on behind closed doors between the team and Landry, or again it could just be nothing. It may have nothing to do with football, it is unknown. When you have a platform, as most pro athletes do, everything you say is magnified.

Landry is not a free agent till following the 2022 season, so the Browns would be stuck paying him a huge allotment for at least two more years. Re-working the contract is an option, as is getting rid of the player. Cleveland has a few players that are going to need hefty contracts between now and the next couple years, so paying a second option star wide receiver money is not it.

Time will eventually tell if the Tweet was foreshadowing what is to come. For now, speculation will continue and the Browns still have a decision to eventually make, sooner rather than later.