Baker Mayfield On Being Vaccinated: ‘It Definitely Poses A Competitive Advantage’

Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns calls being vaccinated a ‘competitive advantage’ for teams and players.
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Teams around the NFL are working hard to get their players and coaches vaccinated and it is no secret. The goal of getting above 85% successful vaccinations is legit amongst teams, a goal that multiple teams have already hit. Once that goal is reached life is made much easier when it comes to protocols and every day life really.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is undoubtedly the leader of the team. With his comments today from his youth football camp it just further proves the fact. Mayfield’s statement on vaccination is a signal for his teammates that they should get vaccinated because it is a competitive advantage.

“It definitely poses a competitive advantage for higher vaccine rates on your team just because of the close contact and what happens if somebody does unfortunately get COVID, what can happen to the rest of the building,” Mayfield told reporters.

When Mayfield mentions the rest of the building he is speaking of close contacts that would have to miss time. For instance the Browns played a game last season basically without their wide receiver room. The virus can decimate a team, even for ones who have not tested positive.

Mayfield went on to say, “It’s a competitive advantage, but it’s also way more than that. It’s about safety and just general health and well being of human life”.

There were questions of if Mayfield was vaccinated, that looks to no longer be a question. Comments like this from Mayfield can only help the cause of getting the team vaccinated, many have already done so. The more players vaccinated equals out to less teams have to worry. Availability is easily one of the most important things in the NFL.