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Browns Rule Out Chris Hubbard, Greg Newsome For Game Against Chargers

Friday, the Cleveland Browns ruled out both corner Greg Newsome (calf) and offensive tackle Chris Hubbard (tricep) for their game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

The Cleveland Browns announced on Friday that both corner Greg Newsome (calf) and offensive tackle Chris Hubbard (tricep) would not be able to play this week against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Newsome had been ruled out earlier in the week, so that part isn't breaking news, but another game without Hubbard is a real challenge for the Browns.

The Browns would certainly like to have Newsome back as he was playing extremely well for a rookie, but if Greedy Williams continues to play at the level he has been this year and especially last week, the Browns won't lose a step.

Meanwhile, Jedrick Wills has been dealing with an ankle injury sustained in week one and it's not only limiting him, but he's not improving. He had to be carted off from last week's game when he aggravated it. Fortunately, the MRI revealed that nothing else was done to it.

After Wills, the Browns have been rolling with Blake Hance or rookie James Hudson III. Hance is arguably no better than a gimpy Wills, but Hudson struggled mightily last week.

The Browns are consistently ceding the left tackle position in these games and it's putting significant strain on the offense. Hubbard healthy is the closest available option to getting some rest for Wills to hopefully get healthier. It's a bad situation that feels like borrowing time against a more serious injury because it's the best they have right now.

The Chargers have the talent to exploit such a weakness.

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