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Last year the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took home the Lombardi trophy, that will not be the case this season. With the Los Angeles Rams defeating the Buccaneers, Tom Brady will be starting the offseason sooner than he had hoped for. It means that Odell Beckham Jr. is one step closer to playing in the Super Bowl.

Beckham Jr. played his final game with Cleveland on Halloween against the Pittsburgh Steelers. At that time the Browns still had playoff aspirations, it was way earlier in the season. Beckham Jr. wanted to join a team that would give him a playoff shot too, he wanted to win.

This regular season Beckham Jr. player seven games for the Rams, totaling 305 yards, along with five touchdowns. But, it was his performance in the playoffs that was more impressive.

Last week Beckham Jr. had 54 yards and a score. This afternoon against Tampa Bay, Beckham Jr caught six passes for 69 yards. Six catches is more than Beckham Jr. had in a game with Cleveland this season. Cooper Kupp had another big game and you better believe Beckham Jr’s presence helps the cause.

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Rams acquisition of Beckham Jr. has certainly helped them. They are a single game away from advancing to the biggest game of them all. Beckham Jr. gets the last laugh this season on talk of him being the reason it did not work in Cleveland.

Beckham Jr’s former teammates will likely be tuned in to see if he can make it to the Super Bowl next week. Whether the fans liked him at the end, his teammates did and still show their support on social media.

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