Mason Rudolph Fined Token Sum of $50,000 For His Role in Fight

Pete Smith

The NFL announced it will be finding Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph will be $50,000 for his role in the fight with Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett according to a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. $50,000 is more than the NFL could have fined Rudolph as the rules only required a little over $35,000, but considering that he initiated the fight and escalated it, this is still getting off lightly, since he doesn't have to miss any games.

Rudolph apologized after initially claiming innocence and being a victim of bullying by the Browns and Garrett. He denied a leaked accusation that he used a racial slur aimed at Garrett in addition to trying to rip his helmet off, which would help explain why Garrett was enraged.

The Steelers prepare to face the Cincinnati Bengals with Rudolph at the helm before they face off against the Browns the following week for what will undoubtedly be an emotional rematch. The fact that Rudolph will be playing in that game, considering the actions taken at the end of the first game, will be a dynamic worth watching. While not trying to be dirty, it defeating Rudolph will undoubtedly be another motivating actor for Browns players.

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Was definitely a fair fine


Token amount??? That was his entire game check moron!