Report: Baltimore Ravens Fear CB Marcus Peters and RB Gus Edwards Suffered Torn ACLs

Bad news hit the Baltimore Ravens as it is feared that two impact players suffered torn ACLs and will miss the 2021 season.

You may not find a team that has been hit by the injury bug harder than the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens cut practice short today as it is feared cornerback Marcus Peters and running back Gus Edwards both suffered torn ACLs. As crazy as it sounds, this came on back-to-back plays.

This comes shortly after running back JK Dobbins went down with a torn ACL. Linebacker LJ Fort is out for the season with the same injury. Justice Hill will miss the season with an achilles injury. This is very unfortunate for the Ravens.

There’s no sign of why this amount of injury is happening in a short time to one team. Field conditions often cause some of these injuries, but the team would have addressed those issues quickly. Likely just a series of unfortunate events.

It is a no doubter the Ravens hoped to compete for the AFC North in 2021. With all of these injuries, the team’s direction may change a bit. Team’s can’t plan for these kind of injured except for having quality depth. The Ravens will have a hard time replacing their top two running backs and a very good cornerback. This series of injuries has a huge impact on the team.

With all of these injuries happening before week one it just goes to show why coaches are so cautious with how much starters really do leading up to the season. Bad news continues to get worse in Baltimore.