Steelers Interview Hue Jackson For Offensive Coordinator Gig

According to Dianna Russini of ESPN, the Pittsburgh Steelers have interviewed former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson for their offensive coordinator position.
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Dianna Russini of ESPN has reported that former Cleveland Browns head coach Hue Jackson interviewed for the vacant offensive coordinator job with the Pittsburgh Steelers. There have been reports that Matt Canada would be hired internally, but that has not been announced officially at this point.

The Steelers did not seek to renew the contract of Randy Fichtner, who had been guiding the offense the past few seasons. On the offensive side of the ball, the talent has been in decline, particularly along the offensive line which limited them in the running game as well as how they could pass.

With Ben Roethlisberger coming off elbow surgery, they adapted a quick passing game in the second half of the season when their running game had gone from bad to non-existent. Their line couldn't protect long enough to let Roethlisberger go down field all that often and his arm simply did not have the life in it he possessed for so much of his career.

Teams could scheme against the Steelers pretty easily and opponents were ready to deck receivers coming across the middle, who then began dropping passes. While the Steelers were able to win the division and put up a ton of yardage against the Cleveland Browns defense, the Browns forced four interceptions in the game.

Hue Jackson had success with the Cincinnati Bengals in the past. He has a preference for quarterbacks in the style the Steelers have, which could be a good fit. The Steelers have to overhaul their offense over the next few seasons, rebuilding the unit, so whoever gets that job will have an uphill battle.

If the Steelers were to hire Jackson, it would likely be met with cheers from Browns fans, who would love the opportunity for this team to beat Jackson as often as possible. There are some players who would welcome that opportunity as well.

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