Pro Football Focus Names Cleveland Browns’ Kevin Stefanski A Top 10 Head Coach

Pro Football Focus has high praise for Kevin Stefanski, even after just one year into his head coaching career.
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Pro Football Focus released a list that ranked the NFL’s top head coaches. Interesting enough, Cleveland Browns’ head coach Kevin Stefanski ranked pretty high on the list. After just one year as a head coach, Stefanski was seventh on the list by PFF.

PFF went on to name reasons like the team playing without their top receiver in Odell Beckham Jr., as well working through some wild weather even by Cleveland’s standards. Another pivotal moment was when the team played against the New York Jets with none of their top wideouts. A game the Browns would lose, but it showed the things that Stefanski dealt with in his first go around.

Stefanski led the Browns to their best overall season in decades through a pandemic has to be the most impressive thing. Being able to adapt and make changes on the run proved to be a big strength of this team. Stefanski implemented a new offense and while it may have taken time, it eventually hit the stride it needed to.

Pro Football Focus pointed out the point that Cleveland was very active in going for it on fourth down. Pointing toward the fact that Stefanski didn’t back down from those big moments and honestly they were quite successful, besides the last time against Kansas City.

Given the fact that Stefanski has just one year of being a head coach under his belt and is looked at as a top 10 coach is a good sign. Even if it is from a media outlet in sorts, that feeling is around the league as well. Cleveland has an organized and smart guy on their sidelines each and every Sunday, one of the better ones at that.