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Weekend Shooting Violence Hits Close to Home for Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns fullback Johnny Stanton had a relationship with one of the victims of the shootings that took place over the weekend.

The mass shootings that took place across the country were felt by at least one member of the Cleveland Browns. Johnny Stanton's primary care physician, John Cheng, was one of the victims in a shooting that took place in a Laguna Woods church in California.

One of several shootings that took place over the weekend across the country including Milwaukee, Houston and Buffalo, it's a reminder of just how prevalent these tragedies occur. In fact, the Browns released a statement along with the Cavaliers and Guardians about the mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo.

It also serves as a reminder that while the Browns are a team based on Cleveland and presenting Northeast Ohio, the roster and organization are made up of people from across the country. Even though Laguna Woods, which is close to Huntington Beach, is almost 2,400 miles away from Cleveland, it makes the world feel that much smaller.

According to Stanton, Cheng attacked the gunman, which may have helped to limit the scope of the violence, losing his life in the process. A person who devoted their career to trying to saves made the ultimate sacrifice.

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Stanton isn't making any statements about anything he'd like to see changed or actions taken, political or otherwise, though no one would blame him if he did. In this case, the Browns fullback simply wanted to raise awareness for someone in his life that did something incredibly heroic to save lives and put the attention entirely on them.

Dr. John Cheng shouldn't be dead. He was at a church. The fact he is represents an all too common tragedy in this country.