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Josh Allen wants to get under Tom Brady's skin in upcoming 'The Match'

Buffalo Bills' QB Josh Allen says he wants to get under Tom Brady's skin in the next chapter of 'The Match'.

With the latest edition of 'The Match' quickly approaching, Buffalo Bills' quarterback Josh Allen joined the PGA Championship megacast with Joe Buck and Michael Collins to talk about his approach to golf and his thoughts on the upcoming exhibition golf match that pits himself and Kansas City Chiefs' QB Patrick Mahomes against Bucs' quarterback Tom Brady and Packers' quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I don’t want Tom and Aaron to know what I’m doing right now. I’m on a golf course. Got a big match coming up. Gotta make sure I’m ready and primed for it.”

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There has been plenty of build up and trash talk leading up to the June 1st event in Las Vegas. Allen, who apparently isn't such a bad trash talker himself, had much to say about how he plans to handle the talk and play once it is time put club to ball.

“Aaron and Tom, they were my favorite quarterbacks growing up, so it is kinda surreal to be in this situation playing with them,” Allen said. “There is a fine line of how far I can go with the trash talking.”

“I don’t want to (upset) anybody too much,” he said, “but I want to get under Tom’s skin and force Tom to make some bad putts.”

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Getting under Tom Brady's skin in football is a tough task, but has shown to be somewhat detrimental to opposing players who decide to try it. Maybe Allen will have a bit more success on the course rather than on the football field.


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Allen also commented on his relationship with Patrick Mahomes and how he thinks it will benefit their pairing more-so than the Brady/Rodgers tandem.

“Tom and Aaron, they want to be the one to make the shot,” Allen said. “I don’t think they’re going to be too pumped when the other one makes a putt. As far as me and Pat goes, we’re going to be excited for each other making putts, as long as we are making putts. I think Aaron and Tom are going to have a harder time playing together than me and Pat.”

Allen could be right here, but let's not assume that the Brady/Rodgers will fail just because of the competitiveness that both have to be the one to win things for their respective teams.

Either way, this series of the 'The Match' is lining up to be a great one with two of the NFL's youngest stars going up against two of the NFL's greatest players ever. I for one cannot wait to watch.

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