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Leonard Fournette's Hilarious Response To Micah Parsons

Leonard Fournette responded to Micah Parsons with an incredible meme.
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Leonard Fournette lit Micah Parsons up during the Buccaneers' easy win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. Parsons then went on Twitter trying to talk some mess to the Buccaneers running back.

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"Now go watch the tape! And see what happened when it was me and him one on one!!! You hit someone not looking you straight pus**y !! Stop hyping this weak as* shit it’s football!!" 

Call it a cheap shot, call it anything else, Fournette absolutely smoked Micah here and it was a good hit to help Brady get extra time in the pocket.

Fournette had a hilarious response to this situation, quote tweeting Parsons' tweet with the Michael Jordan crying face meme.

All in all, it doesn't seem to be much more than some friendly banter (we think), but it will be interesting to see if anything happens between the two the next time they face off.

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Fournette won the battle this time around, despite Parsons having another exceptional game. Lenny rushed for 127 yards on 21 attempts and was a huge factor in the Buccaneers' offense.

If he can continue running the football as he did in Week 1 for the remainder of the season, Tampa Bay is going to be nearly impossible to stop when it matters most come playoff time.

With the greatest quarterback of all time, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, an offensive line that other teams would dream of, and this type of Leonard Fournette, good luck to the rest of the NFL. 

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