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Rob Gronkowski's future is still up in the air with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

According to Tampa Bay head coach, Todd Bowles...

Do you believe in conspiracies? 

If you do, then you may buy into the notion the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will have tight end, Rob Gronkowski, back for the 2022 season, it just won't be until just before training camp. 

Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers24

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Why? Because Gronk wants to maximize vacation time and not have to worry about mandatory camps and other offseason activities.

The conspiracy runs deeper even, with some believing the Bucs are in on it. 

Of course, it could be true. It could also not be. Either way, the message from the franchise is staying the same. Literally. 

“No, it’s still status quo," Tampa Bay coach Todd Bowles told media when asked if anything has changed regarding Gronkowski's status for the coming season. 

Status quo literally means things are unchanged, and while the question will still be asked, if the theory mentioned above is true then of course it is. 

In a follow-up, Bowles was then asked if he knew when the future Hall of Fame tight end would make his decision or inform the team of it, to which the coach said he did not.

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Now, this may seem like a bunch of nothing, but there's been a quiet storm brewing in the NFC South that the Buccaneers have to be preparing for, and it's coming from about 500 miles northwest of Tampa. 

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Earlier this offseason it was believed the New Orleans Saints would be falling off the NFC contender radar for a year or two. 

Now, the team has added safety Tyrann Mathieu and receiver Jarvis Landry in post-NFL Draft signings, after drafting Ohio State star Chris Olave and bolstering the offensive line at the top of the selection meeting itself. 

Suddenly, the Saints are once again relative. Especially with quarterback Jameis Winston looking to prove to everyone that last season's efficiency was no fluke, and will be even better now that he has weapons. 

How do you win an arms race? By out-gunning your opponent. 


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And the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are patiently awaiting the decision by a major piece of their arsenal, to find out just how well equipped they'll be when looking to beat their divisional rival for the first time in three years.

Making no news, bad news. 

Unless, again, you believe this is all just an extended leave of absence so Gronk can recharge in the sun before coming back.

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