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Buccaneers Tom Brady Carrying Otherwise Weak NFC South Quarterback Group

Further proof one man can't reach greatness by himself

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady may be the greatest to ever play the game of football. 

While some still debate that, it's impossible to deny Brady as the most accomplished.

But he'll tell you, because it's the truth, that he can't do it alone. 

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And if he can't carry a team all by himself, he surely can't be expected to carry the whole NFC South Division when it comes to ranking which divisions have the best quarterback groups of them all. 

According to's Jeremiah Trotter, this fact is evident in his putting the NFC South seventh among the eight divisions ahead of the 2022 season. 

"Brady is the G.O.A.T. and still at the top of his game," Trotter wrote. "I like (Jameis) Winston and love the elements in his (Saints) offense...This division gets dragged down by the Panthers and Falcons. Carolina's quarterback situation is a flat-out, muddled mess...As for the Falcons, while I like (Marcus) Mariota and (Desmond) Ridder more than most, we can't sugarcoat what the drop-off will look like from (Matt) Ryan, a former All-Pro and MVP, to Mariota, who carries a 29-32 career record as starter, or Ridder, a rookie third-round pick."

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While I agree with most of what Trotter wrote here, I still can't put the AFC South's sixth-ranked quarterback group ahead of their NFC counterparts. 

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With Brady clearly ahead of all competitors in this comparison, the best quarterback in the AFC South is clearly Matt Ryan - who, like it or not, was just sent packing by an NFC South team. 

I'm admittedly less willing to credit Ryan Tannehill with the Tennessee Titans' successes, but view the rest of this division with Davis Mills leading the Houston Texans and Trevor Lawrence steering the direction-less Jacksonville Jaguars as a push at best, with the NFC South. 

Of course, at this point, we're arguing which bad pie is the worst pie of all the losers at the farm market's annual bake-off, so I'll end my campaigning for the NFC South quarterbacks there. 

Only the NFC East comes in behind the NFC South, as Trotter projects three of the teams (New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Commanders) could all be looking for new quarterbacks next offseason. 

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