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Tom Brady Is Not One Of The Top 5 Scariest Quarterbacks in the NFL

According to Bucky Brooks of

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady is no stranger to people doubting his abilities, or the potential of his team.

Whether it’s coming off the bench at Michigan, getting drafted in the sixth round, accusations of cheating being the only reason he’s had so much success, or the yearly conversation about whether or not this is the season time catches up to him; Brady has been doubted in every way possible.

At the end, he’ll retire as the greatest to ever wear pads. Although, someone will likely doubt that status as well.

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This year, it turns out Bucky Brooks of is joining the group underestimating what Brady will be able to accomplish in 2022, leaving him off his list of “Five scariest quarterbacks entering 2022 season.”

Now, Brooks is a savvy analyst and knew he’d catch heat for leaving Brady off this list. Which is why he prefaced it with more justifying content than any he provided for the five quarterbacks chosen.

The bottom line, however, is this. Brooks is clear about what he’s looking for when calling a quarterback truly scary in today’s game.

“There are a handful of quarterbacks who have the star qualities and blue-chip traits that led to sleepless nights for defensive coordinators and defenders around the league,” Brooks wrote. “The combination of IQ, athleticism and arm talent makes them a nightmare to defend, and it requires more than just the Xs and Os to slow them down.”

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Using that criteria, you can see why Brady wasn’t chosen.

Still, the knee jerk reaction is going to be disbelief that the greatest quarterback of all time wouldn’t be scary enough to keep coordinators and defenders up at night. 

And perhaps Brooks could have made Brady the exception to the criteria, in this case.

Who did make the list?

Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs), Josh Allen (Bills), Aaron Rodgers (Packers), Lamar Jackson (Ravens), and Justin Herbert (Chargers).

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