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Tom Brady's father has an interesting reaction to his son walking away from football after 23 years

Tom Brady Sr., gave his extensive thoughts on his sons legendary career and retirement.

It's been nearly a week since Tom Brady stepped away from the NFL for good after 23 legendary years with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the end, it was time for the 45-year-old to enter the next phase of his life.

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Since Brady made his decision, reactions have been rolling in from across the NFL world. This one is a little closer to home as Brady's father, Tom Brady Sr., spoke with ESPN's Mike Greenberg live on air to discuss his reaction to his son's announcement to retire. He has an interesting perspective on Brady's future and how the family dynamic around football will shift.

Check out the video below.

Brady Sr. on Tom's life after football: "I don't know. I think he's still in the football phase, frankly. I mean, he's only officially retired for a week and stopped playing for two weeks or so. It'll come pretty quick as this chapter two is inevitable and he's going to be very busy. Like you said, he's going to learn the opportunity to get outside his box and to be able to increase his awareness of life outside the four quarters of football. Frankly, I think it's ok, I think it's ok with him."

Brady Sr. on his initial reaction to his son's retirement: "Well, you know, pretty teary, because you know your son or daughter is on the edge kind of emotionally. And when they're on the edge emotionally, we become kind of on the edge emotionally. It just kind of looked like it was cascading onto the beach. He was at the end and basically just had to get it out and get going. Frankly, we were a bit emotional.

Brady Sr. on the upcoming changes to their lives: "I basically feel relieved for him. I'll tell you one reality is before he retired, for the last 23 years we put it into our perspective that basically every game that was played in the NFL, all 267 of them, had some bearing on where our son was. When he was with New England, every game you would watch...we've been totally engrossed in it. But before this announcement every single game counted and now no games count [laughs] as far as we're concerned. We're not ever going to feel the same emotional highs that we felt and we won't feel any emotional lows either because our team is not losing and nor are they winning. It's preoccupied a major part of our life for 20 or 30 years back to college, high school. The whole family, all of our daughters and our son-in-laws. It was great. Now, to be honest with you, it's a little boring."

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