Three Winners From Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mandatory Minicamp

Here's who showed out at Buccaneers mandatory minicamp.
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Mandatory minicamp is over, and now, the long wait before training camp begins.

The Buccaneers had very good attendance (save for one player) and got a good look at its roster, with some veteran players playing at new weights and new players getting acclimated to the Florida heat. While some players didn't do as well for themselves over the three days of camp, a few others really shined.

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Here are our three starts from Bucs mandatory minicamp:

WR Jalen McMillan

Jalen McMillan has been the top of the town, and it isn't hard to see why once you watch him play football. He's a gifted route runner who looks naturally smooth and he has very solid hands, too, catching most passes that come his way and making some strong grabs, too. McMillan is also getting some love in the return game alongside Trey Palmer, so it appears the team definitely wants to use him quite a bit going forward. That's a big win for a rookie drafted in the third round.

OL Ben Bredeson

It's hard to really evaluate linemen when they aren't wearing pads, but the left guard position happens to host one of the few competitions in camp — one that Bredeson is winning. He's going up against Sua Opeta for the spot, and he's taken most of the reps with the first team since OTAs. That's a very good sign for the free-agent lineman, but he'll also have to keep performing once the pads come on in training camp.

OLB Markees Watts

Markees Watts is a winner for two reasons. The first is his actual style of play — he's got great bend and put on some size in the offseason, and he looks explosive alongside the other edge rushers. The other is the opportunity he got, as he's also a winner due to the absence of Randy Gregory in training camp. With Gregory not around and Watts being willing to play teams, he could have done well for himself by putting his head down and performing.

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