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Cardinals Promote Six Scouts

The Arizona Cardinals announced that six scouts were being elevated into higher roles in the personnel department.

The Arizona Cardinals announced that six scouts were receiving promotions this week.

The scouts being promoted are Glen Fox, Josh Scobey, John Mancini, Zac Canty, Ryan Gold and Alex Valles.

Both Fox and Scobey are being promoted into director roles with Fox as the director of oro personnel and Scobey as the director of college scouting. Fox is entering his 10th season with the Cardinals. After a season as a scouting assistant, he has spent the last eight seasons as the team's pro scout. Scobey, who played six seasons in the NFL, will depart his previous role as the western regional scout, a title he held for three of the 11 seasons he has been with the team.

AllCardinals has learned that Chris Culmer, who had previously been the director of college scouting, will now handle Scobey's previous job as western regional scout.

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Mancini was promoted to be the team's national scout. Mancini has worked inside the NFL for 28 seasons. Before joining the Cardinals in 2013, Mancini spent 18 seasons with the St. Louis Rams in various roles. While with the Cardinals, he was a midwestern regional scout before spending eight seasons as an area scout.

Canty, a former receiver at Cornell University, is now the central regional scout. The role will have him cross-checking player evaluations that come to him from other scouts. Canty was a pro personnel assistant with the Chicago Bears for two seasons before joining the Cardinals in 2012.

Gold will be the assistant director of college scouting and is in his ninth season with the team. Gold will slide into his role following the last four seasons as the team's college scouting coordinator.

The final scout to be promoted was Valles, who joined the Cardinals in 2021. Following a season as a scouting assistant, he will now take on the role as the area scout for the northeast region.