Chargers News: Jim Harbaugh Impressed With Team-First Mindset So Far in OTA's

Can Harbaugh lead this team to the postseason?
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The Los Angeles Chargers will enter the 2024 season looking to change the narrative around them following a poor 2023 season. Los Angeles brought in new head coach Jim Harbaugh to lead the charge forward, giving them a real buzz for the first time in a long time. 

Harbaugh brings a new energy to the table, giving the Chargers a chance at real contention. The team has rallied around Harbaugh so far and has even gone out of their way to impress him.

He spoke about his team and what has impressed him so far during OTA's. 

"When I say ok we're stopping early or we're cutting 30 minutes out of this practice or this weight session then I just watch them do more...player becomes a beaver damn of activity"

Having a coach like Harbaugh sparks a new sense of culture in the Bolts, something that they have been missing for a few years. They still have talent across the roster, especially on the defensive end of the field. 

If the players are taking accountability for themselves, it means that they are buying into the plan that Harbaugh has put into place. Los Angeles has the pieces in place to make a surprise run this season to get themselves back to the postseason.

If the Chargers can come together on the field, they can take advantage of an early season to get back into contention. It's just year one under Harbaugh but there is plenty to be excited about in Charger-land.

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