Chargers News: Justin Herbert Praises Teammates' Position Switch This Offseason

This offensive lineman has turned heads within the Chargers organization.
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Heading into May and June of the Los Angeles Chargers' offseason program, there were four players who appeared to be shoe-ins for the Chargers' starting five of the offensive line — Pro Bowler Rashawn Slater, free agent center Bradley Bozeman, Zion Johnson, and No. 5 overall pick Joe Alt.

This left one spot on the line up for grabs, which Trey Pipkins has snatched, ending the mandatory minicamp as the fifth starter on the Bolts' line. The five have reportedly separated themselves from other players on the line, which Jim Harbaugh believes has "top-tier" potential.

Pipkins not only separated himself but did so while making the move from tackle to guard this offseason since the Chargers brought in another tackle in Alt. His work this offseason has garnered him much praise, including from quarterback Justin Herbert.

“Pip has been awesome. He's done such a great job of picking it up. Whether it’s guard, whether it’s tackle, you can rely on him to be whatever we need him to be,” Justin Herbert said last week. “He’s done such a great job with that, especially in the weight room ... His commitment, his leadership, the guy he is in the locker room, we’re glad to have guys like him on the team."

Chargers offensive coordinator Greg Roman complimented Pipkins' size and football IQ, adding, "So far he's doing a wonderful job."

Of course, Pipkins will have to still prove it when the pads come on during training camp and the preseason, but for now, he's secured support from some important teammates and coaches around him.

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