Chargers News: Pro Bowler Believes Jim Harbaugh Uniquely Positioned to Win Close Games

How much will Jim Harbaugh impact the Bolts in year one?
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The Los Angeles Chargers brought in new head coach Jim Harbaugh to help shift them from potential contenders each season to true Super Bowl contenders. He is coming off a championship win at the University of Michigan and has plenty of experience coaching in the NFL.

His teams always are prepared and ready for game day, something that the Bolts haven't always seen. He will be tasked with helping this team overcome previous narratives about them but he is ready for the challenge ahead.

Chargers star Khalil Mack spoke with Pro Football Talk and emphasized that he believes Harbaugh will help the team overcome issues with losing close games. Los Angeles has seen problems being able to close out games over the years so Harbaugh will be tasked with stopping that narrative.

“Knowing what it took for you to lose those games, just having an understanding of the game, and knowing what plays lost you the game, knowing what situations lost you the game, like a two-minute drill at the end of the game,” Mack said of the issues Harbaugh has emphasized. “Something simple can end up being so big at the end of the game. What Coach Harbaugh has done in being here not that long is to let you know the minute details that it takes to win those and finish those close games. I know that was the issue last year, and just knowing football, you know that’s a fixable thing.”

Just last season alone, the Chargers had a one-point loss, two two-point losses, and four three-point losses. This ultimately defined their season and saw them finish with a 5-12 record on the year.

If Harbaugh can instill the fine details into this team, they could easily become a playoff squad. Los Angeles has a relatively easy schedule this season so they can take advantage of that fact.

With Harbaugh in the mix now, the Bolts have more relevancy to them when stepping onto the field. It's been a long time coming for this organization and they are building toward sustained success for the long-term.

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