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How Josh Myers Could Help Solve the Chiefs' Center Predicament

Ohio State's Josh Myers is an NFL-ready center with good size and strength. Should the Kansas City Chiefs invest in him as a Day 2 pick in this year's draft?

Josh Myers - IOL, Ohio State

By the numbers:

6'5", 312 pounds per team site.

2020: Second-team All-Big Ten selection.


Ohio State center Josh Myers brings a solid foundation and above-average size to the NFL. His frame is lengthy for a center and he has a very strong upper body, allowing him to keep his chest clean in pass protection and be a force in run blocking. He plays with a wide base and solid footwork, setting a firm anchor in pass protection. Myers is a difficult man to move on the interior of the offensive line.

In terms of NFL readiness, Myers is good to go. He displays sound fundamentals at the line of scrimmage, in addition to making calls and adjustments as needed. He's an adequate mover in space, seeking out additional work with decent open-field agility. Myers hustles hard to make up for a lack of great athleticism. He's a plug-and-play center prospect with guard capabilities if teams decide he's better off there.

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Short-area athleticism is not Myers's strong suit, as he's better when given a runway to build up momentum. His burst and recovery speed are below-average and his feet are heavy when working in a phone booth. Additionally, he isn't very flexible. This combination of athletic deficiencies isn't a major issue on the inside, where size and strength will make up for some of it. Luckily for Myers, he has both of those. When he gets beat at the line of scrimmage, though, he isn't a reliable candidate to make up for it. 

One of the downsides of Myers being pro-ready is that he doesn't have much more room to improve. His ceiling is relatively low, but teams will know they're getting a starting center when they draft him. His fundamentals are very solid, but they likely aren't good enough to make him a future All-Pro.

How Myers fits with the Chiefs:

The Chiefs are doing a complete overhaul of their offensive line this offseason, and that seems to include the center position. Austin Reiter's future with the team remains unclear, so drafting his replacement makes good sense. Myers is intelligent at the line of scrimmage, holds his own and can get out in the open field to continue his rep. He isn't the top center in this year's draft, but he's among the best. He's also a good fit with the Chiefs as both a short- and long-term option. 

Final Thoughts:

For a team like the Chiefs that simply need someone who can step in and play solid, consistent football at the center position, Myers would be a good choice. He may not be a flashy player — nor does he play a flashy position — but he's a reliable one. Even if Reiter returns to the team for a year, having a multi-year plan is always important. If Myers tests well at Ohio State's pro day, his stock may continue to rise, but until then, he grades out as an early third-round pick. 

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