Patrick Mahomes Is Turning His Words Into Actions

Tucker D. Franklin

After Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes premiered in the #StrongerTogether players video, he knew he had to turn his words into actions.

Mahomes discussed the next step in the movement in a video conference with reporters Wednesday. He explained how he and other players can create a positive impact by supporting a voter registration drive.

“I think it came from talking and listening to teammates and people throughout our organization,” Mahomes said. “Obviously, with voting coming up for local offices and everything like that, we wanted to make sure that was in the front of our minds.”

Teammate Tyrann Mathieu was also involved in the #StrongerTogether player’s video and is involved with Mahomes in organizing the movement.

In Mathieu’s video conference Wednesday, he said he wanted to “make voting cool,” by getting high-profile athletes to advocate for voting and voter registration.

Mahomes explained nothing is, “set in stone,” yet but the idea of an emphasis on voter registration was a big idea they wanted to move forward on.

“We’ve had initial talks with Clark and we’ve talked with [Chiefs President] Mark Donovan and we’ve set up a meeting for next week with our committee, with a lot of the players that are kind of leaders on our team, and we’re going to try to find the best way to give money or support or whatever it is to get as many people registered to vote so they can go and try to affect change in every way they feel possible,” Mahomes said.

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