Quick Hits: Dayo Odeyingbo Talks Achilles, Fit with Colts

Colts second-round pick Dayo Odeyingbo spoke to the media Friday night for the first time since being selected with the 54th-overall pick.

The Indianapolis Colts took an edge rusher with their first pick in the draft on Thursday, so it surprised some people when they did it once again in the second round on Friday when they used the 54th overall pick on Vanderbilt's Dayo Odeyingbo.

The newest Colt is an interesting prospect. He was considered a likely first-round pick if not for an Achilles injury suffered in January, and now he may be facing a season of recovery in his rookie year with the Colts.

Odeyingbo spoke with reporters on Friday for the first time since becoming a Colt.

Here are the quick hits.

There is no set timetable for his return yet: Achilles injuries are always iffy. We've seen best-case scenarios where a guy comes back in six months, but it's often thought of as a year-long recovery.

I did it back in January training for the Senior Bowl, just trying to prepare to do my best out there. I just basically planted wrong and took a bad step, kinda like a freak accident. So right now I'm on the road to recovery. I'm three months in and I'm just kinda working hard to get back as soon as possible.

It varies just kinda on how an individual goes, so I can't really give a hard date for you right now.

Physicality, toughness, and motor are the name of the game: A common theme among Colts defenders is that they play with a high motor and they strike with authority. Odeyingbo should fit in just fine.

Yes, sir. Absolutely. That's a big part of my game is my physical attributes and trying to impose my will on other players. Yeah, I definitely feel like I bring that physicality to my game, and I think that kind of physicality and motor shows up on my tape and that kind of relentlessness. Yeah, I definitely think I fit that bill and can be a great addition to this franchise.

TSU quarterback Demry Croft (7) is sacked by Vanderbilt defensive lineman Dayo Odeyingbo (10) during the first half at Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville, Tenn., Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018. Vandy Tsu An 092918 009

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You shouldn't pigeonhole him into one position: At 6'5", 285 pounds with 35" arms, Odeyingbo has elite size and length for a defensive end but more than enough frame to hold up inside. Just like in college, he's likely going to play all along the line.

I kinda just call myself a defensive lineman. I play on the defensive line all across it, 9 (technique) to 0, it doesn't matter where I need to be. And I think that's kinda what adds to my game is being able to line up in multiple positions. So, I really wouldn't classify myself in one box. I think kinda leaving that open is what's been a big part of my success in the past and what's gotten me to this point...

Like I said, I really don't have a preference. In college, I got asked to do everything. I rushed from a 9-technique to a 0-technique and everything in between, and I did it pretty consistently at each position. I think each of them have their own perks and their own differences, and I enjoy them all in their own way. I really just like being on the field and being able to be disruptive and get after quarterbacks, get after the ball carrier. I really don't have a preference, to answer your question.

Odeyingbo loves the environment he's entering: Odeyingbo already studies Colts defensive tackle DeForest Buckner and the franchise's all-time leading sacker, Robert Mathis. He also keeps in contact with Mathis.

I kinda pride myself on being a student of the game, and I've watched a lot of his (Buckner) film and the way he's kinda versatile and kind of our similar body types. So, I've watched a lot of his film. I mean, I'm just happy to get down there and be able to work with him and work with the other guys. Work with the D-line coach (Brian Baker). Be able to work with Robert Mathis who's around the franchise. I'm just excited to get down there and work and soak in as much knowledge as I can and really become the type of player I believe I can be.

I've watched a lot of his (Mathis) game. I actually have spoken to him in a different capacity. He trains a lot of guys so I've spoken to him in that kind of sense. It really has nothing to do with this, but I have talked to him and been in contact with him outside of this kind of realm.

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