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Into the DB Film Room w/ Hicks and Hag: Episode Four

The fourth episode in a series where I am joined by my friend Jonathan Hagler to discuss the Colts' coverage successes and mistakes of the past week.

Colts Fans! We are back with another episode of the show Into the DB Film Room! Each week, I will be joined by Jonathan Hagler to dive into how the Colts' defensive backs performed in the week prior.

Despite the Colts getting the win in this game, there just wasn't too many clips to talk about for the defensive backs. The Colts mostly sat in a soft cover-two zone in this game so there weren't too many opportunities in coverage.

Still, we were able to cover these topics in the episode:

  • Andrew Sendejo's pass breakup early
  • Xavier Rhodes' concerns with pass interference calls
  • Yet another redzone miscommunication leading to a score
  • Isaiah Rodgers' first career start
  • Naming our Most Improved DB, Best DB, and Needs Impovement DB of the quarter season mark

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