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Frank Reich Believes Injury to Colts' Carson Wentz May Be 'Blessing In Disguise'

Dealing with two injured ankles has forced Carson Wentz to get the ball out quicker, which could help him in the long run, according to Colts' head coach Frank Reich. (Video via Indianapolis Colts YouTube)
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It's never ideal to have your starting quarterback and potential face of the franchise dealing with not one — but two – significant ankle injuries, but that's where the Indianapolis Colts and head coach Frank Reich find themselves through three weeks of the season while sitting at 0-3. 

Carson Wentz, who put up a valiant effort Sunday in Nashville, was severely limited on the day and really couldn't use much of his athleticism and mobility on the day. 

Despite knowing he's a bit limited, Reich stated Monday prior to practice that Wentz's injuries could be a blessing in disguise for the veteran quarterback, forcing him to sit in the pocket, make reads and get rid of the football quickly without trying to do too much or play hero ball. 

“I do think that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he can’t do that and doesn’t do that. He does get it out on time and quick plenty of times. Is there one or two times where he – yeah, but so does every quarterback," Reich said to reporters during his media availability Monday. "That’s not just Carson (Wentz), that’s every quarterback. We could go watch the tape of everybody and there’s going to be, ‘Well if he just got that out quicker,’ and our expectations are so high. I do think it could be a blessing in disguise where he’s forced to play from the pocket, and I just think there’s some good things there. Believe me, while that’s happening – this isn’t some kind of project where we’re going to put winning on hold a while just until, no. We can play winning football like this. If that’s what it takes, that’s what we’ll do. I’m also optimistic that in a week or two, this will all pass and he’ll be 100 percent.”

Reich isn't wrong with his thoughts there regarding Wentz and his injuries. Getting the football out quickly gives the Colts' playmakers a chance to do what they're paid to do — make plays. It also helps a beleaguered offensive line win reps, and in the process helps Wentz remain healthy while still staying on the field, giving the Colts a chance each week thanks to his right arm. 

All that said, the offense can't look like it did on Sunday, where everything was underneath and defenses weren't truly threatened deep until late in the game with the Colts trailing. 

Sunday was a learning experience for not only Wentz, but Reich as well. Hopefully the duo learned what they could and couldn't do with Wentz injured and the offense improves dramatically in Week 4 against the shorthanded Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. 

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