Colts Reveal Changes Coming to Lucas Oil Stadium This Fall

The Indianapolis Colts gave a sneak peek at a big improvement in the works at Lucas Oil Stadium.
The Indianapolis Colts helmet logo at midfield of Lucas Oil Stadium.
The Indianapolis Colts helmet logo at midfield of Lucas Oil Stadium. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The Indianapolis Colts report for training camp two weeks from today as the offseason quickly comes to a close. Training camp will be at Grand Park Sports Complex in Westfield, Ind., where the Colts have held camp for the last seven years.

While training camp will look more or less the same as previous years, fans will notice a major change when the Colts take the field at Lucas Oil Stadium this fall. The Colts announced on Tuesday that new turf has been installed inside the stadium. The decision to replace the turf was made in August of last year.

Lucas Oil Stadium will now have Hellas Matrix Turf, one of five stadiums in the NFL to have this type of turf. The previous turf inside the Colts' home stadium was slit-film turf, which the NFLPA has called for a ban across the league due to safety concerns. The hope is that this turf will help reduce injuries for the players and make the playing surface faster for these world-class athletes.

The timing to replace the turf was perfect, as the old turf was ripped up in preparation for the stadium hosting the U.S Olympic Swimming Trials last month. Once the pools were taken down after the trials, the new turf was installed.

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Another change will be the wordmark used for the numbers on the field. The Colts underwent a brand change in 2020 that included a modernized wordmark and a new secondary logo. Since this is the first time the Colts have received a new field since 2020, the old-style numbers and letters have remained. However, a closer look at the photo reveals the numbers now reflect the new wordmark.

While the endzones have not been painted yet, they will likely feature the words "Indianapolis" and "Colts" in the new wordmark. The midfield logo has yet to be revealed as fans anxiously await a potential change. The previous midfield logo for the Colts was also seen as outdated, featuring an old-school version of the team's helmet.

Fans will get their first chance to see the new turf up close on August 11 as the Colts open their preseason slate at home against the Denver Broncos.

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