Colts Celebrating Big Plays In T-Shirts

Phillip B. Wilson

Make a great play on Sunday, have a T-shirt created a few days later.

The Indianapolis Colts made a couple new fashion statements after Sunday’s 30-23 win over the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Most notably was tight end Eric Ebron’s unbelievable one-handed catch for a touchdown in the back of the end zone in the third quarter. Ebron works with a T-shirt company, so his “GOT THIS” garb was created overnight. Offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni was wearing one of those shirts on Tuesday.

“Probably No. 1, by far,” Ebron said on Wednesday of where that catch ranks in his career.

Initially ruled incomplete, Ebron was so adamant in his belief that he got both feet in bounds, he ran to the other side of the field to about the 30-yard line, pleading his case. Upon further review, the call was reversed. Touchdown.

“The fact that they didn’t think I got it was crazy to me because he’s standing right there,” Ebron said. “But it just made it that much better that we all had to anticipate and kept re-watching it (on the video screens). So I think that was pretty cool.”

The 2018 Pro Bowl tight end had been off to a slow start with some drops this season. But this day, he showed early on that he was pumped up. He hurdled a Texans defender on an early grab to get extra yardage.

He finished with four catches for 70 yards and one TD, all season bests.

“Just say I was dominant,” Ebron said, smiling. “Yeah, I was. I dominated that game, which is fair. Early involvement allows me to do that. It puts me into the game and allows me to be the player I want to be at all times.”

It’s wise for a scribe to let Ebron say the words as opposed to making such a bold statement.

“I’ll say it for you,” he said, still smiling. “That’s the kind of performance I wanted to establish. That’s the kind of performance that I went into that game with. That’s the kind of performance our coaches allowed. It allowed me to dominate the game and I took full advantage of it.”

Not to be shorted on shirts, Ebron wasn’t the only one making a play that ended up in fashion. Linebacker Darius Leonard came up with the final stop in the final minute by catching a tipped ball for an interception. He stiff-armed a Texans defender to the ground after making the catch, shown in a blue T-shirt with the words, “THE NASTIEST STIFF ARM: COMING THRU.”

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J Hager
J Hager

Teams that are close and have fun are usually the last ones standing in January. Looks like this is where the team is headed