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Incredible Matt Ryan Camp Stat from Marcus Brady

Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Marcus Brady reveals an incredible Matt Ryan stat from training camp.
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It's been well reported that new Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan has been sharp at training camp thus far, but offensive coordinator Marcus Brady helped put into perspective just how sharp.

Brady was asked about the lack of interceptions at camp, because it doesn't seem like there have been many. Brady coolly replied that Ryan's total was almost impossibly low.

"I know we have two total for camp, but I don’t know what periods those were," said Brady. "That includes team and 7-on-7."

Asked how many pass attempts that was to date, and Brady could only estimate.

“I don’t have the numbers in front of me, but we are getting about 35-40 a day,” said Brady.

That Ryan has thrown just two interceptions against roughly 250 attempts in team and 7-on-7 drills is certainly impressive, but Brady wasn't ready to feed the hype.

“The quarterbacks are doing a great job. Scott (Milanovich) is doing a great job. He is making it competitive like trying to limit those," said Brady. 

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"Obviously, there are consequences if they do. Fun consequences, but just to get them competitive and being protective of the ball and making good decisions – understanding that whether a punt is a good play, or we got really good backs."

"Check it down, we don’t have to force anything. They can make plays as well.”

Ryan should have improved protection, running game, and weapons around him with the Colts to help limit his risky throws. 

He's only been under 10 interceptions three times in his career, while only throwing for more than 30 touchdowns three times in his career. 

It's no coincidence that two of those occurrences happened in the same season (2016, 38/7 and 2018 35/7). 

A rejuvenated Ryan with a terrific surrounding cast has all the makings of a team ready to make a playoff run in 2022.

So far with the Colts, Ryan has looked the part.