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After Disappointing Rookie Season, Should Washington Move Jamin Davis?

Washington's rookie linebacker Jamin Davis has a lot of learning to do, according to Ron Rivera

Expectations were high for linebacker Jamin Davis when the Washington Football Team drafted him 19th overall last spring. Since then, it's safe to say he's yet to reach the heights his selection would suggest.

Said coach Ron Rivera, bluntly, "I think he's (Davis) a young guy that's got a lot to learn."

The rookie has made 15 appearances and eight starts, recording 68 tackles, two for a loss, two quarterback hits, one sack and one defended pass.

Davis said Thursday he doesn't feel like he's met his expectations, but ... 

"That just means you've got to work harder next time."

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For Davis to take that next step, Rivera said this week that for the likes of Davis, Chase Young and Montez Sweat, the key to their development is "understanding their fit, the things that we do and how do they fit them ... and also for us to really truly understand who they are."

When it comes to Davis' disappointing production, Rivera even hinted that a position change may be in the cards. 

"I think that's something we've got to really look at, and see if it is better for him not to have that kind of pressures that the middle linebacker has on him," Rivera said.

Whether or not Rivera and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio opt to move Davis outside, it's safe to say the youngster is unphased. His focus is solely on helping the team in any way possible.

"I see positives to doing anything whether it's kicking the ball, throwing the ball, or hitting somebody, whatever I can do to help this team win... I'm just going to go out and do whatever I can when my number's called," Davis said.