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Washington's Biggest NFL Schedule Challenge: 5 To Close

Want to open a can of whoop-ass? Gotta close up the 2021 NFL season just right - in NFC East style.
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If the Washington Football Team is going to open up a dynastic domination of the NFC East - and winning the division for two straight years would, around here, qualify as "dynastic''?

They'll have to close up the 2021 NFL season just right - in NFC East style.

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How long has it been since this division has seen a repeat winner? That's right: 20 years ... 20 years of balance and/or inconsistency or even, dare we say, ineptitude.

For the Washington Football Team’s to change that in 2021 ... they'll have to survive the final five games of the season, all of which are against NFC East foes.

It's almost as if the NFL knows the race will be tight, and wants to add meetings that are dripping with drama. So ... 

Washington plays the Giants at home on Thursday night in Week 2. And that'll be the only taste of divisional dripping drama for a loooong time ... and then ...

Washington will close out the campaign with meetings against five straight divisional enemies. 

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They play host to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 14.

Then they travel to the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 15.

Then it's the Cowboys again, on the road, in Week 16 - yes, the NFL has the WFT vs. hated Dallas twice in three weeks, so yes, the NFL is anticipating, just maybe, that these two will be the division leaders at that time ...

Then the WFT comes back to FedExField for another matchup with the Eagles.

And then, one final "another'' as they travel to face the Giants in Week 18.

The Cowboys have divisional foes in four of their last five games. The Giants have that setup in three of their final four. The Eagles have divisional opponents in their last four games.

This is a purposeful back-loading of the divisional schedule, and if you are the superior team? You will show it in December, just as the defending champions from Washington plan to do.

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