Dallas Cowboys Competition? Kansas City Mayor Reacts To Chiefs-Stealing Bid

Dallas mayor Eric Johnson made a case to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones that two NFL teams can work in the area, but would Kansas City give up their Chiefs?
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FRISCO - The Dallas Cowboys have ruled DFW since 1963. That's the season the AFL rival Dallas Texans moved to Kansas City to become the Chiefs after just four seasons in Dallas.

The area, in the eyes of many, could not support two professional football teams, and Texans owner Lamar Hunt packed up his team to Kansas City just one season removed from an AFL championship.

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Now, in the wake of Kansas City voting down a tax referendum to raise funds for an Arrowhead Stadium renovation, Dallas mayor Eric Johnson wants that franchise back in North Texas.

“The connections are so deep, the history is so rich,” Johnson told The Athletic. “We actually could put together the deals that would make sense for them to get them here.”

But how likely is it really? Not very.

Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas barked back, and wants the entire country to know the Chiefs aren't going anywhere.

"I hear rumors, including even from the Mayor of Dallas. Kansas City, don’t believe the noise. We are committed to retention of our teams with vastly lower expenses--think needed infrastructure build-out--than even an intra-metro move. Both teams will be in KCMO in 2040 and long after," Lucas wrote, via ProFootballTalk

The current lease for Arrowhead for the Chiefs expires after the 2030 season. After that, the team hopes for either an extension or a brand new stadium.

Something like this has a tendancy to work itself out in the long run, and with the recent success of the Chiefs, it's hard to see them leaving Kansas City. Especially when considering the Chiefs are one of just two major sports franchises in town.

The NBA Kings left Kansas City for Sacramento in 1985 while the NHL's Scouts left town in 1976 to become the Colorado Rockies - who then moved to New Jersey to become the Devils in 1982.

The Kansas City metro population is just under 2.4 million people, while the DFW area boasts just over 8 million. The DFW area could probably support two NFL or two MLB teams based on population, but would Cowboys owner Jerry Jones - or the NFL itself - ever allow it?

Not likely.

Timm Hamm