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Cowboys BREAKING: Dak Deal Done!

Way back in September 2019, Jerry Jones told us a new Dak Prescott contract was “imminent.'' Almost three years later, a deal is done.

FRISCO - Way back in September 2019, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told us a new Dak Prescott contract was “imminent.''

Almost three years later, "imminent'' is reality.

Tuesday deadline was never needed, so Dallas will not once again place the franchise tag on the Pro Bowl quarterback, which means the Cowboys avoid the $37.7 million tag and all the uncertainty that goes with it.

Instead, a big step toward "Cowboy for Life'' is in place.

Prescott's side a year ago wanted a shorter-term deal (four years) than the five-year, $175 million offer Dallas made. That was $35 million APY. The year before Dallas offered $30 million APY. This time around, agent Todd France figured to be asking for $40 million APY.

Dak got that. And he got his four years. And he got the "no-tag'' clause we wrote about early Monday.

In the end, it's a four-year deal totaling $160 million - right at the $40 million APY number. (NFL Network reports that the value could rise to $164 million. The guaranteed money is $126 million. The signing bonus is an NFL-record $65 million.

In addition to the "no-tag'' clause, the deal has a "no-trade'' clause.

It in theory helps that the star quarterback is here at The Star on a regular basis, rehabbing with Cowboys trainers. (And that the rehab is going well. See below.)

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It also may have helped, per a source, that Dak got involved to some degree.

Owner Jerry Jones' frequent issues of praise for the QB have turned out to be real. So has "Ride or Die'' ... and now so will the avoidance of a cap clog, as the $37.7 million tag figure would've made it virtually impossible for Dallas to accomplish any other business under the cap as the March 17 cap-compliant date approaches.

This cap figure, due in part to the tack-on of voidable years? A source puts is at less than $22.5 million in 2021.

The Cowboys now needn't consider a future without Prescott, via trading him or maybe even drafting a replacement. Instead, they will begin to conduct other business, other contractual moves, featuring the likes of DeMarcus Lawrence and Amari Cooper (see below)  ... that help make everything fit.

Because "imminent'' finally arrived.

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